....Carry it Simply


With only some fabric samples, scissors and an ingenuous idea, YogaUgoTM founder, Susi Lacoff Resner, took a simple design concept and is now growing it into a national sensation.

After attending a Yoga teacher training and seeing students struggling to organize their yoga

mats, books, water bottles and other items into awkward bags and carriers, Susi knew there

had to be a better way and began experimenting. The end result includes both a canvas style as well

an elegant mesh bag.  Elegant and remarkably simple to use Resner has created a truly original product

 that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Susi always loved bringing color and textures together for interesting outcomes. With parents

in the fabric and carpet business she was surrounded by these elements from a young age.

However, with the technology boom of the 1980's Susi was lured to designing technology

solutions for businesses and left her textile roots behind for a career as a technology consultant.

Fast forward to today; Susi has blended her backgrounds to bring simple, exquisite and functional design to a

world that is changing at an ever-increasing pace. It is simplicity and peace that we have all come to crave and YogaUgoTM helps us stylishly bring that peace with us on and off the mat.