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Fly with Me

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on January 18, 2016 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (4)

2015 was an incredible year for me and my yoga mat. Each passport stamp reinforced the incredible gratitude I have for all of the travel opportunities, domestic and international i had during the year. From around the corner of my local park, to the Atlantic side of our southern most United State, in Florida and beyond. Each trip took me further south from Gigante in Nicaragua, the Ancient town of Cusco and the ruins of Macchu Pichu and finally the incredibly diverse Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Each trip was warm, wonderful, filled with good food, nature and new experiences. With each trip I continued to live my story meeting new and interesting people as they shared stories of their own.

I initially thought I would blog as I traveled, whether for public consumption or for myself but it never really came to fruition save a few brief notes which one day may find their way to a blog. As for my pictures; they call my name daily to be organized and captured in one of those beautiful hard cover books that seem to proliferate Facebook these days. Anyone know of a service that actually does it for you? In this day and age the quantity of photos can be daunting to deal with.

Each trip really was about the journey for me, being present and not trying to capture my thoughts as I ventured out on bikes, trains, planes, boats, paddle boards and by foot.  In the 'ole days we used to dress up before we began a journey -- now adays yoga pants and sweater wrap seem to be the norm.

Although it is about the journey, for some destinations it really is better to just get to where you are going and quickly. This is particularly true when short on time,  the mode of transportation definitely is a consideration. Often times in faraway places there are few airports and many miles to be driven. Not so anymore in Nicaragua.  For those of you looking to travel to the incredibly beautiful Emerald Coast of Nicaragua for a yoga retreat or some amazing beach time - the trip from Managua just got a whole lot easier with the opening of Costa Esmeralda Airport. The airport is just 15 minutes away from some of the worlds most amazing beaches and resorts including Aqua and Mukul. Check it out for your next vacation!

Meantime I am working on my 2016 travel agenda which for me was lucky enough to kick off the year in NYC! A crazy trip that began at one of the local airports and within 48 hours I had logged many travel miles between taxis, planes and trains. I connected with friends and family from the East Coast to the Midwest. Traveling to meet up with friends beyond seeing them on social media and exploring a city together is something fun to try.

Start off the new year being a tourist in your own town and with each journey venture out a little farther. Grab your camera and your open mind! Whatever the mode of transport, distance or destination I hope you Enjoy the Ride!

Jewels of the Jungle

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on November 16, 2015 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

The Jewels of the Jungle


Nature of our ways

Imagine spending your days and nights right alongside Corcovado National Park, in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica! Blue Osa is such a place and I had the amazing good fortune to spend time there, surrounded by the sights and sounds of Corcovado which has been defined by National Geographic as the most “biologically diverse place on earth”. Wow! That is quite a claim to fame and appropriately earned.

It is an enormous treat to literally live amongst the life that is the Jungle. Enjoy a walk, good book or a thoughtful moment as a beautiful butterfly lands on the leaf in front of you. While the orchestra of the waves play in the background the sun cascades through the trees providing a perfect balance of light, warmth and shade.

Walking the beach and grounds in and surrounding Blue Osa the opportunity to experience the extraordinary nature of the park is evident everywhere. From the morning monkeys swinging from the trees as you sip your morning cup of Java to the magnificent Macaws flying along the beach

...and then the opportunity for a day trip to the Jungle (everyday if you like :) is right there in your yard. 

The sheer numbers of different species in Corcovado of trees, mammals , birds, fish, amphibians, snakes, lizards, crocs and of course Jaguars, anteaters, tapers, deer, cats and monkeys creates a glitterotti of a jewel-filled kingdom.

Plants, glistening with water droplets greet you as you begin your journey into the incredible world called the Rainforest. Often referred to as the Lungs of our Planet, there is an immediate sensation of life and energy engulfing you as you enter the space.

The diversity that makes up this extraordinary eco-system provides an inherent wealth that is beyond compare.

Favorites of the Forest

The plant and animal life provide enough riches to last a million life times. Beginning with the rich color of the smallest of jewels; the amazing amphibians whose size ranges from as small as a pin head. A favorite among many is the infamous red eyed tree frog who reveals a body cloaked in bright colors reminiscent of a Peter Max canvas as the tiny wonders stretch their arms and legs the distance. The bright orange sticky pads of their finger tips keep them from slipping off of the shimmering leaves enabling them to climb higher and higher into the lush forest canopy.

The brilliant cast of colors in the Rainforest create a natural art gallery for us to indulge our vision and curiosity. It is like finding buried treasure, when these incredible specimens are discovered sitting on a leaf or tree bark as they are often camouflaged. True wonders of our natural world indeed.

Another favorite; The Scarlet Macaw, the largest in the parrot species displays its palette of bright colors as it sits amongst the majestic trees of the Rainforest with nearly a featherless face and stunning plumage covering most of its body.

The trees themselves reveal a history beyond our years from the very foundation of the forest of an extensive root system to the branches reaching high into the sky cloaking the forest in darkness, narry a spot for the sun to shine through. Monkey vines wrap around the trees, huge buttresses encase the kapok tree as miles of Mangroves dot the river seemingly endless, as they create a natural winding pathway into and around the forest. Like guardians of all forest treasures, the walking trees move throughout the forest as if they were protecting all.

Senses are indulged with a glimpse of the magnificent animal patterns caught as the animals cling for safety from their predators by camouflaging themselves. Our vision further gifted by the sun’s rays coming through the space between the canopy shimmering on the plants and forest floor as the aroma of fresh rain fills our nasal pathways.

Stars enlighten our taste buds

Our taste buds too can be satiated by the edible jewels of the rainforest including fresh flowers, plants and fruits. The Carambola, or starfruit, when sliced is exactly that ...a 5 point star that is the perfect amount of sweetness.

The Morinda citrifolia, or Noni fruit is really quite the fashionista with its speckled pattern on its bubble shape - although not sweet at all like the Starfruit, its pattern and health benefits surely are worthy of a treasure label.

Jungle Gems

The fauna and flora of the rainforest of Corcovado are indeed true jewels to be treasured. Fragile like fine crystal the diversity and its balance need care and consciousness to be sustained for generations to come. Give yourself gifts that will last a lifetime. With each step of your journey you will unwrap another layer of indulging your senses to view nature’s living gems; the jewels of the rainforest.

 Blue Osa is the perfect place to bookend your Rainforest Journey. From the moment you arrive on property you are met with extraordinary hospitality and eclectic decor. When not venturing on a jungle journey your days and nights at Blue Osa will reap the benefits of abutting the most diverse place in the land. The attention to detail of all aspects of the resort honor the natural ways of the forest and is inspiring at every turn.

The yoga platform above the trees provides a true bird's eye view of the magnificent local trees and the sounds of the waves to provide the music for your practice, whatever it may be.

“Living rooms” in nature on many of the pathways are the perfect spots to ‘live’; pausing for however long to do just that….pause and breathe!

 Dining in the round delivers a continuity in nature with its view out to the trees and a glimpse of the water just beyond.

 Throughout my time at Blue Osa the interaction with the senses continues... from the abundance of flora everywhere to filled bellies of epicurean delights; "farm to table" if you will...the freshest native ingredients sourced from the Blue Osa garden and made with the care the fruit and plants so deserve.

The nights are filled with the light of the moon radiated through the trees, reflecting on the water...and the day gone by. If you are really paying attention you may even get to see one of the tiny treasures along the glistening leaves in the gardens of Blue Osa. Ask us how you too can indulge your mind, body and soul while connecting with the jewels of the rainforest!

The Road

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on July 21, 2015 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Decided to jump on my 2 wheels and join Team in challenging could it be? After all I have been riding a bike since I was little and loved being outdoors.

So I got my hybrid bike into my car along with an old round type helmet and met up to meet the team. Before heading out the team gathered for the ritual safety tips and a mission moment where we were reminded why we were all there. It wasn't about competition or speed but rather for those who could not be there...

The "welcome wagon' was awesome and quite supportive as I saddled up for the ride. Quite pleased that I made it(albeit barely) I really was grateful for the coaching throughout the ride. When we returned to our cars; it was suggested that I get a road bike-

Ride Day 2 I showed up grateful for a beautiful clear day and efficient borrowed road bike. The terrain quite hilly,

I had to reach deep, grasping for everything I had to get up the hills. A lot of opportunity for some positive self talk on this 35 mile ride!

An interesting sport; you are riding alone so mostly with your own thoughts and breath but the support of the team is evident at every turn; on every road way; whether it be calling out the imperfections of the road or warning of a car or runner approaching.

 Riding the roads is an incredible opportunity to go within and truly be mindful of the scenery around you. Completely different perspective than when you are in a car.

It feels like you are an integral part of the environment when on 2 wheels, breathing the air; riding amongst the trees. Incredibly grounding to feel the road beneath me.

Yoga for Kids - Giving to a new generation!

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on December 23, 2014 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I am thrilled to introduce you to Bent on incredible organization that provides yoga to NYC school children as part of their school day! Since meeting one of the Founders a couple years ago I have been inspired to introduce the benefits of yoga to more people; young and old alike.

Today, YogaUgo is launching a 21 day campaign to help raise funds to donate to
Bent on Learning-providing more school children the opportunity to reap the benefits of yoga!

Please join the YogaUgo team as we welcome a new year filled with opportunity! Support Kids and Yoga by purchasing a t-shirt following this link:

Yoga for Kids - Giving Roots and Wings!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy new year!

The Clearing

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on November 14, 2014 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

A truly iconic time in NYC! Unusually warm for this time of year I decided to jump on the Long Island Railroad and head in to enjoy the big apple!


My feet were the perfect vehicle to take me to lots of heart opening postures in an inspiring yoga class at YogaShanti before going to the west side for an evening with the Philharmonic. A favorite activity of mine that I rarely engage in. As I approached Lincoln Center the view captured my attention just like it did the first time I saw it. A cultural hub for decades where amazing artists have gathered to share thier talents.


As I left Lincoln Center after the concert the night was still warm and the West Side was hopping. I looked back at the amazing windows that so beautifully represented the granduer of the music and the place I just experienced. My head felt clear and my energy alive, I continued to enjoy the sites, sounds and epicurian delights of the big city. After a lovely glass of wine at a local piano bar I came upon Whole incredible market that was bustling even as the clock approached midnite. This city truly never sleeps! After picking up some special treats I reluctantly knew it was time to jump on the subway and head back to catch the railroad home.


Exhausted but invigorated the infused energy has stayed with me as I have added a new adventure to my repertorie.

Summer Dip

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on September 22, 2014 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

The temperatures took an unseasonable dip. As I opened the door to let the dog out the air seemed suddenly cooler. It was only mid August but but the cool crisp air caught my attention. Although there was plenty of summer still left, it was indeed winding down and my sense of urgency to kick back and enjoy was waving its flag.

Over the next several weeks I set out to capitalize on time, weather and my joie de vive and embrace it all. From just an hour to all day from "just" sitting in a chair at the waters edge or thoroughly engaged in my surroundings.Staying relatively close to home I decided to put on a new pair of virtual glasses, loose all expectations and just enjoy...

Incredibly blessed to live on Long Island in a tree filled neighborhood I decided to start my summer journey there. My bike, a real camera and a bottle of water was all I needed to pack. Transversing the streets from a different vantage point I was continually surprised at the view. I greeted other

    pedestrians, people fishing and drivers with a friendly wave and a warm greeting as if I was in a new land. Pausing to capture the moment in my mind, click of the shutter or just to sit on a bench, log or in the grassy knoll.

I looked up at trees and out to the flowers. I pedaled past the beach and paused at the historical markers. My tire tracks on the road are long gone but they continue to track in my mind as I continue the journey....

Roots and Wings

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on August 21, 2014 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Roots and Wings

Whether standing in Tadasana or sitting criss cross applesauce  (aka sitting indian style) it really is about the foundation of your posture. In yoga practice we hear, "root down", "feel the earth beneath your feet or sitz bones'. It is the foundation, the roots that offer the support for everything else to stem from it. 

When we begin to study a topic the foundation is often referred to as 'the basics" is these basics that provide the very springboard to move forward. Not very 'basic' at all actually but rather critical to the topical development. We can hang out and hover, getting the gist of the subject matter or we can settle in and gain a solid footing through the foundational pieces.

Lifes Challenges

Often when life brings us challenges we look ot our family, our quitessential root system for answers and support-albeit sometimes assigning blame to the very foundation we grew up with. For better or for worse our foundation, our roots provide literally a solid system for growth and development.

Virtual Travels

I walked to the tree, and looked up to see a very cool tree house, firmly perched inside the branches of the large tree. The roots provided the strength and stability for the trunk to establish itself and branch out giving safe haven to the structures and its view beyond.

I have never actually been in a tree house, not physically anyway, but I have seen them from afar and in books and magazines. These incredible apendages both big and small seemingly snuggle into the tree branches taking full advantage of the trees supportive ability. My virtual tree house trips often conjure up incredible visions of the land beyond while indulging in yummy delectable treats like peanut butter sandwiches and more! The tree house seems to be a great place for all types of social gatherings whether a solo respite to write ones memoirs, read a good book or just chill. Depending on the size of the tree house it seems to be a place to share in the camaraderie of others; exchanging stories and enjoying the unique friendships in its space. 

Even the tree house depends on a root system ever so deep to support its structure and experiences. If a floor or side board is weak we truly need the strength of the tree's roots, trunk and off shoots to secure them too.

Your tree house

So many tree houses now have gone well beyond the backyard tree house of yesteryear...If you had a tree house, what would be the first thing you would put in it? pillows? a hammock? a giant jug of water? or perhaps just a blanked to wrap yourself in on a cool night as you watched the twinkling sky from one of the best seats in the universe?

Hey...check these out 

and please fee free to post and/send more pictures of tree houses

The summer is heating up here at YogaUgo!

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on July 23, 2014 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (1)

I am super excited and very proud to share the first Yoga Ugo/Beardie Bag Press Release that has been already been picked up by several other media groups. You can see the original here:  or the copy is below. Feel free to comment, share and repost. Thanks, Susi.

New Bearded Dragon Carrying Bag, the Beardie Bag, Receives National Attention

New Bearded Dragon carrying bag receives attention and accolades from pet owners and lizard enthusiasts around the country. Yoga Ugo's founder says magazine feature and new bag designs are in the works for the upcoming year.

The Beardie Bag is a great product that does just what lizard owners need. They can safely carry their pet bearded dragon wherever they go, and it certainly sparks an interesting conversation!


Northport, NY (PRWEB) July 17, 2014


A socially conscious fashion design company, led by Founder Susi Lacoff Resner of Centerport, NY, is leading the charge to make a unique connection with nature and bag apparel with the newly released "Beardie Bag." ™


Since its official launch at the 2013 Back-To-School Pet Fashion Show associated with the Backer Total Pet Expo, the Beardie Bag has received national attention in Pet Product News International. The design was created with travel and ease in mind, including a waterproof lining and a screen for airflow and viewing. This allows one's “Beardie” to ride in both comfort and style.


Building on the recent national attention, Resner announced that NY Pet Magazine will feature an article written by her for Bearded Dragon owners. In response to many requests, Resner has other micro pet bag designs on the drawing board for 2014 production.


“Although the micro pet de jour will ride comfortably in the Beardie Bag, this particular bag was specifically designed for a Bearded Dragon pet," says Resner.


Also in the works is Susi’s 2nd Annual Long Island Children Helping Children Wildlife Awareness event to support Yoga Ugo's Socially Responsible Event Series. This event will be sponsored by Jungle Bob’s Reptile World, which will provide the animals and the Wildlife Education, Paddle Diva, who hosted last year's event, and Harmonia Media, the digital marketing partner.


In Resner’s role as Director of Wildlife Education at Jungle Bob’s, a company whose mission is to educate the public and raise awareness of the wonders of nature’s most unusual creatures, she has the opportunity to share incredible wildlife with children and to work with a renowned wildlife and reptile expert.


“The Beardie Bag is a great product that does just what lizard owners need. They can safely carry their pet bearded dragon wherever they go, and it certainly sparks an interesting conversation! We are honored to have been the breeding ground for the Beardie Bag, and look forward to its national success," says Jungle Bob, Owner of Jungle Bob’s.


Susi Lacoff Resner is available for interviews, follow up and photoshoots (with or without a Bearded Dragon), and products can be found at Jungle Bob’s or online at, a newcomer to the accessory marketplace specializing in a variety of simple to use bags.

The Gift Card

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on July 4, 2014 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (1)

The Gift Card meets the Rogue Penny during a ho hum errand.

After waiting for quite a while in the return line at a not so local store I was grateful to get a Gift Card as I did not have the receipt. 

Given the distance from my house I decided to use up the gift card while I was there and buy something...

Remembering a new outdoor chair was on my shopping list I headed for the outdoor furniture area and began to test the seats. Not much of selection and not much comfort I was almost resigned to leaving empty handed. Well almost anyway - I would have the gift card to use at another time. Suddenly these great little teak benches caught my eye. Low to the ground they would be perfect for the bamboo garden next to my Buddha.

Best of all they were on sale! With a quick calculation sans my "smartphone" calculator, If I were to purchase 2 of the benches...I would use up my gift card!

Proceeding immediately to the register, eyeing the candy as I entered the check out lane my total came to $2.15 left on my gift card. Well a couple of delicious looking dark chocolate bars would solve that. As the clerk rung up my chocolate, she handed my back the gift card- odd I thought just before she said " you have a 1 cent balance on the card" Thank you for shopping here.

Incredible I thought...surely this was my lucky day. Really. Smiling to myself, I took the card, turned to the woman behind me and said, "I'm sure you will think I am crazy but this is a lucky has a penny on it. Please use it as you check out." Now she too was smiling.

Lucky indeed.

Thanks Mom, for the virtual hug and sharing the smiles that somehow always found its way to you! :D

Miracles every where

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on May 13, 2014 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

I awoke after a rough night of tossing and turning. As gruff as I felt a fabulous and familiar aroma wafted over me. i couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I love the aroma of lilacs...vivid memories of a tree I favored as a child...a little child.

Funny how those things come back to you

Roll tape backwards almost 3 weeks ago while vacationing in Normandy -  a trip i had been mentally planning for literally decades...I broke my foot. Truly an unexpected souvenir cutting my trip short. (more on that in another post)

The get well basket from my sisters arrived at my door on the return from the doctor. I was wrapped in a cast. A delightful surprise..a basket without flowers per se..."only" bulbs.  Bulbs so grand as they reveal their magnificence, unfolding their beauty in parallel to my healing; everyday bringing new blooms, new aromas and more mobility on my end.

This past Friday of  Mother's day weekend the basket looking spent... all bulbs appeared they had maxed out.  I decided to cut back all; trim up and just enjoy the greenery. As I made my way around the house; experiencing the quiet bittersweet feeling of the day more flowers began to bloom-  tulips seemingly out of no where exhibited their glorious color palette while other flowers emerged. It was only this morning that their distinctive shape and aroma revealed themselves totally.

Delicious delicious lilacs.

 My awesome sisters (and our parental units :)