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Jewels of the Jungle

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on November 16, 2015 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

The Jewels of the Jungle


Nature of our ways

Imagine spending your days and nights right alongside Corcovado National Park, in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica! Blue Osa is such a place and I had the amazing good fortune to spend time there, surrounded by the sights and sounds of Corcovado which has been defined by National Geographic as the most “biologically diverse place on earth”. Wow! That is quite a claim to fame and appropriately earned.

It is an enormous treat to literally live amongst the life that is the Jungle. Enjoy a walk, good book or a thoughtful moment as a beautiful butterfly lands on the leaf in front of you. While the orchestra of the waves play in the background the sun cascades through the trees providing a perfect balance of light, warmth and shade.

Walking the beach and grounds in and surrounding Blue Osa the opportunity to experience the extraordinary nature of the park is evident everywhere. From the morning monkeys swinging from the trees as you sip your morning cup of Java to the magnificent Macaws flying along the beach

...and then the opportunity for a day trip to the Jungle (everyday if you like :) is right there in your yard. 

The sheer numbers of different species in Corcovado of trees, mammals , birds, fish, amphibians, snakes, lizards, crocs and of course Jaguars, anteaters, tapers, deer, cats and monkeys creates a glitterotti of a jewel-filled kingdom.

Plants, glistening with water droplets greet you as you begin your journey into the incredible world called the Rainforest. Often referred to as the Lungs of our Planet, there is an immediate sensation of life and energy engulfing you as you enter the space.

The diversity that makes up this extraordinary eco-system provides an inherent wealth that is beyond compare.

Favorites of the Forest

The plant and animal life provide enough riches to last a million life times. Beginning with the rich color of the smallest of jewels; the amazing amphibians whose size ranges from as small as a pin head. A favorite among many is the infamous red eyed tree frog who reveals a body cloaked in bright colors reminiscent of a Peter Max canvas as the tiny wonders stretch their arms and legs the distance. The bright orange sticky pads of their finger tips keep them from slipping off of the shimmering leaves enabling them to climb higher and higher into the lush forest canopy.

The brilliant cast of colors in the Rainforest create a natural art gallery for us to indulge our vision and curiosity. It is like finding buried treasure, when these incredible specimens are discovered sitting on a leaf or tree bark as they are often camouflaged. True wonders of our natural world indeed.

Another favorite; The Scarlet Macaw, the largest in the parrot species displays its palette of bright colors as it sits amongst the majestic trees of the Rainforest with nearly a featherless face and stunning plumage covering most of its body.

The trees themselves reveal a history beyond our years from the very foundation of the forest of an extensive root system to the branches reaching high into the sky cloaking the forest in darkness, narry a spot for the sun to shine through. Monkey vines wrap around the trees, huge buttresses encase the kapok tree as miles of Mangroves dot the river seemingly endless, as they create a natural winding pathway into and around the forest. Like guardians of all forest treasures, the walking trees move throughout the forest as if they were protecting all.

Senses are indulged with a glimpse of the magnificent animal patterns caught as the animals cling for safety from their predators by camouflaging themselves. Our vision further gifted by the sun’s rays coming through the space between the canopy shimmering on the plants and forest floor as the aroma of fresh rain fills our nasal pathways.

Stars enlighten our taste buds

Our taste buds too can be satiated by the edible jewels of the rainforest including fresh flowers, plants and fruits. The Carambola, or starfruit, when sliced is exactly that ...a 5 point star that is the perfect amount of sweetness.

The Morinda citrifolia, or Noni fruit is really quite the fashionista with its speckled pattern on its bubble shape - although not sweet at all like the Starfruit, its pattern and health benefits surely are worthy of a treasure label.

Jungle Gems

The fauna and flora of the rainforest of Corcovado are indeed true jewels to be treasured. Fragile like fine crystal the diversity and its balance need care and consciousness to be sustained for generations to come. Give yourself gifts that will last a lifetime. With each step of your journey you will unwrap another layer of indulging your senses to view nature’s living gems; the jewels of the rainforest.

 Blue Osa is the perfect place to bookend your Rainforest Journey. From the moment you arrive on property you are met with extraordinary hospitality and eclectic decor. When not venturing on a jungle journey your days and nights at Blue Osa will reap the benefits of abutting the most diverse place in the land. The attention to detail of all aspects of the resort honor the natural ways of the forest and is inspiring at every turn.

The yoga platform above the trees provides a true bird's eye view of the magnificent local trees and the sounds of the waves to provide the music for your practice, whatever it may be.

“Living rooms” in nature on many of the pathways are the perfect spots to ‘live’; pausing for however long to do just that….pause and breathe!

 Dining in the round delivers a continuity in nature with its view out to the trees and a glimpse of the water just beyond.

 Throughout my time at Blue Osa the interaction with the senses continues... from the abundance of flora everywhere to filled bellies of epicurean delights; "farm to table" if you will...the freshest native ingredients sourced from the Blue Osa garden and made with the care the fruit and plants so deserve.

The nights are filled with the light of the moon radiated through the trees, reflecting on the water...and the day gone by. If you are really paying attention you may even get to see one of the tiny treasures along the glistening leaves in the gardens of Blue Osa. Ask us how you too can indulge your mind, body and soul while connecting with the jewels of the rainforest!

Shore Enough

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Art is everywhere from the patterns of the sand granules to the shells scattered along the tide to the pebbles below my feet. Walking on the beach this morning I watched the magical ballet in the movement of the waves as they made their way toward the shoreline. Their orchestra played a different tune as each wave moved. I could hear the cymbals as they crashed on entry….and the subtle lapping sound as they gently moved out toward the greater body of water created a new masterpiece with every splash.

Art is in listening. When we are able to truly open our ears, listen and hear, blocking out all extraneous noise, sounds deliver a unique symphony.

The sounds of the ocean are so powerful –it amazes me to see so many white cords hanging from peoples ears while walking along the shoreline.  What possibly could be more worth listening to then the sounds of the sea?

The art of nature and the seasons is worth paying attention to…sans technology of course. Soon the buds will be on the trees and you can practically hear the sounds of the flowers popping!

This winter we had many opportunities to open the door after a snow fall to be met by the awesome beauty left in its wake and the incredibly sound of its silence.   Listen as the joys of summer begin to reveal themselves…in the elongation of days and the shedding of winter garb.

The sounds of rustling leaves after the magnificence of the primary colored canvas’ of fall remind us like seasons before to take a pause.There is no algorithm from any contemporary search engine that can compare in its return of colored images or natures orchestrated beauty.

Tuck your headphones away, and silence your devices, for even just a moment and listen to the sounds and movements that come to us without technology, they come by just being….being still on the very shoreline of our own lives.



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The sudden realization that Labor Day is only a week a way has many reflecting — is it possible that summer is over!? "Where did the time go?" we all ask ourselves. What is summer to you? The eight weeks the kids are out of school or Memorial Day to Labor Day?

How did you spend your summer vacation?

There is still time while the weather is warm to embark on that journey that only warm weather serves. Did you mean to try out kayaking? SUPing? How about a daily walk regimen — for you and your dog? Or growing a garden? Plenty of time to do it all! The morning air is delightfully cool, the trees are lush with greenery, and the waters are warm. If your family members aren't interested and your BFF is busy, grab your bag and head out the door. Carpe Diem!

This summer I didn't have a vacation in the traditional sense, but was able to carve out some time for some great activities! I crave the warm weather and the opportunity to keep my flip flops on 24/7. This year, for some reason, I was more keenly aware of time than previous years (a blog topic all of its own) - I really didn't want the warm weather to disappear, and look back and say "I didn't have time." For me, this year a vacation is about moments in time and embracing them.

A vacation can mean anything YOU want it to... an hour you carve out to capture the moment, a day off the grid or an activity you have been planning on doing but just didn't get to it. Among other things, this year I finally kayaked the Nissoquogue River! I drive past it almost every day and say, "this year." Well, this year finally happened, because I made it so.  A perfect summer afternoon journey, it kept me cool and active... and today I am heading out for a special bike ride... (Thanks to Living Social.)

I am incredibly blessed to live on Long Island, with an abundance of things to do and see, from the waterways to many great towns, farmers markets, wineries, and parks. And just a short ferry ride to Fire Island or a train ride to NYC and Montauk.

And, of course, morning coffee in your own backyard, how ever big or small, can feel like a vacation, too!


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I was awakened by the birds chirping and a delightful breeze blowing through the windows. Taking full advantage of the early hour I decided to pop up and head out for a walk. The lush trees of the season and recent rains accompanied me as I made my journey through the neighborhood.  School buses, commuters, garbage trucks and mailmen had clearly not yet started their day as I enjoyed the sounds of silence. Truly a magnificent morning!

On my way back sometime later — 2 high school age kids were waiting for their bus. As I got closer, I could see each of them in their own world; oblivious to each other, and the sights, smells and sounds around them. White strings hanging from their ears, arms hugging tight to their sides, they each seemed completely consumed by the smallest of devices.

Have we truly lost our senses? Literally....

Saddened by what I saw, I could not help but wonder what impact this would have upon our world. Surely there must be a balance  — somewhere.