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Shore Enough

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on March 12, 2014 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Art is everywhere from the patterns of the sand granules to the shells scattered along the tide to the pebbles below my feet. Walking on the beach this morning I watched the magical ballet in the movement of the waves as they made their way toward the shoreline. Their orchestra played a different tune as each wave moved. I could hear the cymbals as they crashed on entry….and the subtle lapping sound as they gently moved out toward the greater body of water created a new masterpiece with every splash.

Art is in listening. When we are able to truly open our ears, listen and hear, blocking out all extraneous noise, sounds deliver a unique symphony.

The sounds of the ocean are so powerful –it amazes me to see so many white cords hanging from peoples ears while walking along the shoreline.  What possibly could be more worth listening to then the sounds of the sea?

The art of nature and the seasons is worth paying attention to…sans technology of course. Soon the buds will be on the trees and you can practically hear the sounds of the flowers popping!

This winter we had many opportunities to open the door after a snow fall to be met by the awesome beauty left in its wake and the incredibly sound of its silence.   Listen as the joys of summer begin to reveal themselves…in the elongation of days and the shedding of winter garb.

The sounds of rustling leaves after the magnificence of the primary colored canvas’ of fall remind us like seasons before to take a pause.There is no algorithm from any contemporary search engine that can compare in its return of colored images or natures orchestrated beauty.

Tuck your headphones away, and silence your devices, for even just a moment and listen to the sounds and movements that come to us without technology, they come by just being….being still on the very shoreline of our own lives.


Are You All In?

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on February 12, 2014 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

I am all in!  

  • “All in” as in a successful arrival in the revolving door of the ginormous office building?
  • “All in” as in profound delight realizing the skinny jeans “fit”?
  • “All in” as a shout for joy as the last of the bouillabaisse ingredients are in the pot?


In poker, when you're "all in" it means that all of your available money is committed. According to ole Merriam-Webster, “all in” translates to “exhausted.” Surely that exhaustion would turn to exuberance if you were to win back all of the money you bet and then some. And, according to the Urban Dictionary, “all in” means to be totally committed to something. Often times, to be totally committed does in fact mean exhaustion. It seems that “all in” cannot be a moment in time as referenced in my opening comments. Rather, if truly “all in,” it is an ongoing process often with an ebb and flow of actions and reactions.

Many of us begin with an “all in” game plan but, like our New Year’s resolutions, often fall off the path, and “all in” no longer applies.

What does being totally “all in” look like to you?


Pennies Gone Rogue

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on January 26, 2014 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (1)

What value does a penny have for you? Litte? None? So much?

To most people this small copper sphere has little value and is often considered to be a nuisance. Ironically, the penny has such a miniscule monetary value, and yet is needed for so many of our day-to-day transactions.

Long ago I learned about the real value of this now very "special" copper sphere.

"The Rogue Penny" can be defined as a lone penny discovered anywhere, whether in a snow bank, parking lot, playground, or under your office desk. For my family, when a lone penny is spotted it illicits an immediate smile. My mom, who prior to her recent passing lived many miles away from all of the family, told us that when she discovered a lone penny it meant she was thinking of us. Not that she wasn't thinking of as at other times, but these particular moments manifested an instant connection and opportunity to channel her ja de vivre — her love of life!

Whoever finds this lone (or perhaps, lucky) penny invariably pauses, reflects, and smiles as they pick up and hold this magical sphere. This series of actions changes the whole perspective on their day, and is surely reflected on all of the other days encounters. And, no doubt by Mom's design, all of this sends her riveting energy and smile to so many others. "The Rogue Penny" has incredible exponential value!

For me, now the penny has more value then ever as I look at its circular shape, representing the circle of life. Its thinness, material and pattern over time begins to wear away as it passes through many hands, wallets and banks of all kinds. With all of its travels and stories, its value continues to grow, yet its essence remains.

The next time you see a "Rogue Penny," let me know how you experience it?


Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on December 1, 2013 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Holiday time is a time of reflection for many — particularly the holidays occurring at the end of the year. A time to take stock on the year that has past; putting our goals against our actual accomplishments. It is a time for many to reflect on relationships, and often actions and beliefs. We make grand statements that create lofty goals to make major changes to our very essence. And when the next 12 months pass we repeat the cycle, critical of ourselves for being unable to achieve nearly what we committed to as the clock strikes midnight in the east.

A friend recently put a number in front of me and asked, "so what have you accomplished for this?" Not knowing what the number represented I was kind of in the dark; unable to answer his question. When I was told it was the number of days that I had already lived I was astonished; further so when it was revealed that included how many hours I slept. What had I accomplished I asked myself? and quickly wondered what the number was that I potentially had remaining. My reflective self immediately scanned not just the past year of my life but the decades that proceeded stomach doing flips I could barely remember yesterday. What were the highlights of the past week? Did I make the best of the limited time I had already used up? Does it really matter that I ate dessert on Thanksgiving and broke my diet promise to myself?

As my mind began to race, I thought of the poem The Dash, a poignant piece on helping each of us to realize that our days are indeed finite and we do need to Carpe Diem!

Seize each day so when you do reflect back you will remember and be proud of yourself for how you spent your precious time on our planet.


Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on November 13, 2013 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (1)

A fiery sphere...

"Imagine a bright, shiny golden metal disc directly over your hear. It is covered with ancient symbols of peace, wisdom, and joy. It slowly begins to spin. As it spins more and more rapidly, it turns into a beautiful lotus flower that opens wider and wider. Its petals are a brilliant pink, and the center of the flower begins to glow. It gets brighter and brighter, twirling and pulsing.

It opens fully and a shaft of light flows into it, filling your heart with a deep sense of peace and love and acceptance. You can feel the warmth of the light hitting the flower and flowing effortlessly into your heart.

It is like a giant doorway flooding your heart with love. The golden disc continues to spin and you can smell the sweet scent of the lotus.

You remember the lotus symbolizes enlightenment and you relax back into the feeling of love.

You feel the love washing away an old hurts and illuminating your mind, your heart, and your spirit. You never knew love could feel so good and you surrender completely to it. You gently and lovingly let go of any of your limiting beliefs, agreements, and assumptions that no longer serve you.

You are joyously alive, at peace and in love."

(Author Unknown)

Going Fishing!

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on November 6, 2013 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Let your heart shine, my yoga teacher reminded us. …

Through several asanas, she gently gave us all permission to reveal this often fragile and vulnerable area of our bodies; literally and figuratively. It is an incredible feeling, however, with each broadening of the collar bone the openness and spaciousness I feel.

During fish pose I was beyond thrilled as I revealed my heart to the ceiling of the dimly lit room. My back arched as the top of my head grazed my mat. No back pain and no fear!

I was exhilarated with my physical success. It is only in the days that have since past that I realize the true success of that experience the mat.

Several years ago when I first began practicing yoga, I had difficulty with so many aspects of asanas and breathing — I struggled to still myself, even during shavasana. As I lie there after one yoga practice, my teacher began to read a passage…..

Tears began to stream down my face; slowly and without warning yoga became something I never expected. The passage spoke to me in a clear voice and left me with a vision of the fiery sphere she read about in the passage. A vision I carry with me even years later...

MY YOGA:  A journey of patience, gratitude, movement, stillness and mindfulness!


Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on October 20, 2013 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (1)

Breath… more powerful then we can imagine, critical to our survival and yet we take it so for granted. According to most sources the average person takes approximately 17,000 to 24,000 breaths in a day and in most cases barely if at all pauses to acknowledge its presence.

Breath… like an elixir delivers the most important ingredient of our existence…oxygen.

How is it that the things we treasure most are often the things that seemingly go unnoticed or minimally attended to the least?

Surely as you run to catch the train and your breathing becomes challenged you are aware of the incredible support more breath could provide. Or when you gasp and for a split second you feel breathless as your body responds with an adrenaline rush…and all other body functions try to fill the void.

Nothing can replace your breath. Not only is it a treasure to behold and to nurture but it is an essential element in your very existence!

Meet your breath on the yoga mat. Yoga provides an opportunity to learn about your breath and to create a mindfulness around it. Yoga teaches us that it is indeed the breath delivering  the necessary support in any given Asana to see it through, not  muscle strength. It is the breath that guides the journey inward as if to take us back to our very beginning.



Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on October 13, 2013 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

It is incredible to me that I am on my mat practicing yoga for just a few short hours a week and yet my yoga practice has given me in that short period of time some of the most amazing tools for living.

During practice the acquisition of such tools is not so apparent.  It only becomes so reflecting back on life experiences and how they were handled.


For me the sharpest tool in the post asana shed is the reaction one. I reflect on an intense situation last week that I was certain I had absolutely no strength to deal with it.  Upon revisiting what had transpired, I realized the words that came out of my mouth and my physical body language were actually quite strong and so in control.  Rather then reacting as I would have in the past — fighting fire with fire and not considering where the other participants frame of reference was — I paused for a moment and dynamically dug my feet into the earth, and with a full breath I reached deep into my tool shed and like a miracle I was able to diffuse what could have been an incredible contentious situation.


Ahhhh, Yoga… tools for living your life, off the mat.

Ahhhh, Yoga… truly a magic carpet ride that you through your breath and mindfulness are at the helm.


Books are from the Dark Ages

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on October 6, 2013 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Don’t shelve that book just yet!


I was looking around as I and other travelers waite for our flights. Most people were on some electronic device doing work-related tasks or reading a kindle book. I, too, travel with my laptop and smartphone for quick access to the web and my kindle books. This is the first trip I remember making without a magazine or actual book in tow, and both were especially missed as I left NY with over an hour taxi time on the runway. It would have been prime time to catch up on my reading particularly without the internet which can often be a distraction with all the options and hyperlinks.

On my return flight I was determined to make the most of my time beyond a quick cat nap. The art magazines from the Expo I attended earlier in the day were the perfect fill in for non electronic time.

There still is something to be said for the tactile experience of turning the glossy pages of a magazine or actually holding a book in your hand. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kindle App — providing choices, and broad selection of reading materials without any preparation.

Do you still read books or are you a Kindle devotee?


Carpe Diem!

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on September 26, 2013 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

With a full day stretched out in front of me; far from home or office I decided to secure luggage and laptop and hit the town. Although I had hoped to have the day with my son, last minute scheduling changes left me to fend for myself. I vacillated on spending the day in a hotel lobby, catching up on computer work, or to embrace the time and Jump on the ‘L’. With the launch of our newest product I found myself in the suburbs of Chicago for a quick overnight. Thanks to mass transit on Day 2, I was in the city in less then an hour. “Expo Chgo” was a great destination choice…at the Navy Pier along the waterfront with the city as the backdrop. The Expo showcases over 125 leading international galleries from dozens of different countries.

Upon entering the exhibit my mindset was immediately transformed…as if I took a flight to a European destination. Surrounded by interesting looking people, conversations, and art, I made my way through the various exhibits noting that the installations were as interesting and inviting as the art themselves.  

The coffee stands, always a favorite at Art Museums, sported fresh espresso and croissants, while the sleek pop up bar served up champagne! All in all a delightful time; speaking with artists and other attendees with no ones agenda but my own.

There are pluses and minuses to traveling alone, but it is a great opportunity to really get to know yourself — going wherever you want without asking permission, and just listening to yourself and your breath, and feeling your heartbeat... yoga off the mat.