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Pennies Gone Rogue

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on January 26, 2014 at 12:40 AM

What value does a penny have for you? Litte? None? So much?

To most people this small copper sphere has little value and is often considered to be a nuisance. Ironically, the penny has such a miniscule monetary value, and yet is needed for so many of our day-to-day transactions.

Long ago I learned about the real value of this now very "special" copper sphere.

"The Rogue Penny" can be defined as a lone penny discovered anywhere, whether in a snow bank, parking lot, playground, or under your office desk. For my family, when a lone penny is spotted it illicits an immediate smile. My mom, who prior to her recent passing lived many miles away from all of the family, told us that when she discovered a lone penny it meant she was thinking of us. Not that she wasn't thinking of as at other times, but these particular moments manifested an instant connection and opportunity to channel her ja de vivre — her love of life!

Whoever finds this lone (or perhaps, lucky) penny invariably pauses, reflects, and smiles as they pick up and hold this magical sphere. This series of actions changes the whole perspective on their day, and is surely reflected on all of the other days encounters. And, no doubt by Mom's design, all of this sends her riveting energy and smile to so many others. "The Rogue Penny" has incredible exponential value!

For me, now the penny has more value then ever as I look at its circular shape, representing the circle of life. Its thinness, material and pattern over time begins to wear away as it passes through many hands, wallets and banks of all kinds. With all of its travels and stories, its value continues to grow, yet its essence remains.

The next time you see a "Rogue Penny," let me know how you experience it?

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Reply Matt OGrady
1:39 PM on February 7, 2014 
Really beautiful post. I found one today at the gym by the water fountain and I remembered this post! Abundance abounds. :)