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Roots and Wings

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on August 21, 2014 at 10:45 AM

Roots and Wings

Whether standing in Tadasana or sitting criss cross applesauce  (aka sitting indian style) it really is about the foundation of your posture. In yoga practice we hear, "root down", "feel the earth beneath your feet or sitz bones'. It is the foundation, the roots that offer the support for everything else to stem from it. 

When we begin to study a topic the foundation is often referred to as 'the basics" is these basics that provide the very springboard to move forward. Not very 'basic' at all actually but rather critical to the topical development. We can hang out and hover, getting the gist of the subject matter or we can settle in and gain a solid footing through the foundational pieces.

Lifes Challenges

Often when life brings us challenges we look ot our family, our quitessential root system for answers and support-albeit sometimes assigning blame to the very foundation we grew up with. For better or for worse our foundation, our roots provide literally a solid system for growth and development.

Virtual Travels

I walked to the tree, and looked up to see a very cool tree house, firmly perched inside the branches of the large tree. The roots provided the strength and stability for the trunk to establish itself and branch out giving safe haven to the structures and its view beyond.

I have never actually been in a tree house, not physically anyway, but I have seen them from afar and in books and magazines. These incredible apendages both big and small seemingly snuggle into the tree branches taking full advantage of the trees supportive ability. My virtual tree house trips often conjure up incredible visions of the land beyond while indulging in yummy delectable treats like peanut butter sandwiches and more! The tree house seems to be a great place for all types of social gatherings whether a solo respite to write ones memoirs, read a good book or just chill. Depending on the size of the tree house it seems to be a place to share in the camaraderie of others; exchanging stories and enjoying the unique friendships in its space. 

Even the tree house depends on a root system ever so deep to support its structure and experiences. If a floor or side board is weak we truly need the strength of the tree's roots, trunk and off shoots to secure them too.

Your tree house

So many tree houses now have gone well beyond the backyard tree house of yesteryear...If you had a tree house, what would be the first thing you would put in it? pillows? a hammock? a giant jug of water? or perhaps just a blanked to wrap yourself in on a cool night as you watched the twinkling sky from one of the best seats in the universe?

Hey...check these out 

and please fee free to post and/send more pictures of tree houses

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