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Summer Dip

Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on September 22, 2014 at 10:20 AM

The temperatures took an unseasonable dip. As I opened the door to let the dog out the air seemed suddenly cooler. It was only mid August but but the cool crisp air caught my attention. Although there was plenty of summer still left, it was indeed winding down and my sense of urgency to kick back and enjoy was waving its flag.

Over the next several weeks I set out to capitalize on time, weather and my joie de vive and embrace it all. From just an hour to all day from "just" sitting in a chair at the waters edge or thoroughly engaged in my surroundings.Staying relatively close to home I decided to put on a new pair of virtual glasses, loose all expectations and just enjoy...

Incredibly blessed to live on Long Island in a tree filled neighborhood I decided to start my summer journey there. My bike, a real camera and a bottle of water was all I needed to pack. Transversing the streets from a different vantage point I was continually surprised at the view. I greeted other

    pedestrians, people fishing and drivers with a friendly wave and a warm greeting as if I was in a new land. Pausing to capture the moment in my mind, click of the shutter or just to sit on a bench, log or in the grassy knoll.

I looked up at trees and out to the flowers. I pedaled past the beach and paused at the historical markers. My tire tracks on the road are long gone but they continue to track in my mind as I continue the journey....

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