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Posted by Susi Lacoff Resner on July 21, 2015 at 10:50 AM

Decided to jump on my 2 wheels and join Team in challenging could it be? After all I have been riding a bike since I was little and loved being outdoors.

So I got my hybrid bike into my car along with an old round type helmet and met up to meet the team. Before heading out the team gathered for the ritual safety tips and a mission moment where we were reminded why we were all there. It wasn't about competition or speed but rather for those who could not be there...

The "welcome wagon' was awesome and quite supportive as I saddled up for the ride. Quite pleased that I made it(albeit barely) I really was grateful for the coaching throughout the ride. When we returned to our cars; it was suggested that I get a road bike-

Ride Day 2 I showed up grateful for a beautiful clear day and efficient borrowed road bike. The terrain quite hilly,

I had to reach deep, grasping for everything I had to get up the hills. A lot of opportunity for some positive self talk on this 35 mile ride!

An interesting sport; you are riding alone so mostly with your own thoughts and breath but the support of the team is evident at every turn; on every road way; whether it be calling out the imperfections of the road or warning of a car or runner approaching.

 Riding the roads is an incredible opportunity to go within and truly be mindful of the scenery around you. Completely different perspective than when you are in a car.

It feels like you are an integral part of the environment when on 2 wheels, breathing the air; riding amongst the trees. Incredibly grounding to feel the road beneath me.

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